October 17, 2020  

LauderAle to Host Charity Event for Local Wildlife Conservation


Photo courtesy of LauderAle.

Donate $5 to the Dania Beach Vervet Project and LauderAle will discount your beers.

Did you know there are wild monkeys behind the beer garden at LauderAle?

They’re called Vervet monkeys and have been living in the Dania Beach area since the 1940s when they escaped a local chimp farm. They’re why the nano-brewery sells the red ale “Monkey Road.”

Sunday at 1 p.m., LauderAle will host Dr. Deborah Williams – a local monkey researcher and conservationist – to give two presentations on the wild monkeys around the brewery.

The event is free. If you donate $5 to the Vervet Project, LauderAle will discount $1 off your beers up to five beers.


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