Photo from 3 Mavins’ website.

January 31, 2023  

Local Brewery and Distribution Company Partner to Support Police Athletic League


Photo from 3 Mavins’ website.

This Saturday, 3 Mavins’ Beer Co. and Orchestrated Minds will debut their “Difference Makers” IPA at the Fort Lauderdale brewery.

Kevin Thomas launched a beer brand and distribution company to give back to his community. His latest release is ready with proceeds going to the Hollywood Police Athletic League (PAL).

Three weeks ago, Thomas and members of the Hollywood PAL met at Orchestrated Minds Brewing in Fort Lauderdale to make a beer. They named it “Difference Makers.”

Like many great ideas, it happened over beers.

“I spend a lot of time and Orchestrated Mind because I like their product. I like the vibe. And I like the people,” Thomas, CEO of 3 Mavins’, tells Broward Beer. “It presented an opportunity for me to talk with Davey [the owner] about doing this collaboration brew. It’s part of the nature of his business as well. And so it was a good fit.”

Kevin Thomas, CEO and founder of 3 Mavins’ Beer Co. and Distribution. Photo from 3 Mavins’ website.

On Saturday, Feb. 4, Orchestrated Minds Brewing will host a release party of “Difference Makers.” It will also be available at local bars on this map here.

Making a difference

Thomas and members of the Hollywood PAL are regulars at the Fort Lauderdale brewery.

While brainstorming a new philanthropic idea for 3 Mavins’ – a name that comes from a combination of its founders’ names and means an expert of something – the idea to raise money for the Hollywood PAL came up.

Orchestrated Minds’ co-owner and head brewer Davy Martin has previously used his brewery for similar projects. Following the George Floyd protests in 2021, Martin brewed the first batch of a beer called “Change is Necessary,” a New England IPA with proceeds going to a local activist group called the Broward Dream Defenders.

The “Difference Makers” collaboration stood out to him naturally.

“It kind of encompasses everything we’re about,” Martin says. “‘I’m all about sports. I grew up playing sports. If it wasn’t keeping me out of trouble. It gave me every opportunity to be the best version of myself.”

Making the biggest difference

3 Mavins’ is a unique brand. One facet is a company that distributes beer from smaller and medium-sized breweries. But it’s also a beer company with two beer styles made on contract at Brew Hub in Lakeland, FL.

That gives Thomas the ability to purchase the ingredients for the beer and also discount the costs of selling it to local bars through distribution.

Thomas’s goal for this collaboration isn’t to turn a profit, he says. It’s to contribute as much as possible to the cause while raising awareness of both Orchestrated Minds and the PAL.

From left to right: Kevin Thomas and members of the Hollywood Police Department. Center: Davy Martin of Orchestrated Minds Brewing.

John Marino, a Hollywood PAL board member, tells Broward Beer those donations will go to new uniforms and equipment for afterschool sports and tutoring at the PAL.

Marino says if the goal is to earn $2,000 for the program, he bets they can beat that number.

“Hollywood Police Department is a family and the PAL is an extension of our family,” Marino says. “Anytime there’s an event, a donation, and a positive thing coming from the community – the Hollywood Police Department comes out in droves.”

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