April 14, 2023  

Finally, a Beer Brand for The MAGA Crowd


For twice the price of Bud Light, you can drink “Ultra Right.”

Are you scared Bud Light may turn you gay? There’s a new beer for you.

“Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right” looks like it tastes just as bad as its competitor with even worse taste in branding. Brought to you by a guy who helped Trump’s Georgia campaign in 2016 – this beer brand’s creator promises to never “go woke.”

“As conservatives, we’re constantly getting hit in the face left and right by the ‘woke mind virus.’ The last place we want it is in our beer,” Seth Weathers says in a promotional video on Twitter. “If you know which bathroom to use, you know which beer you should be drinking. Stop giving money to ‘woke corporations’ that hate our values.”

To protect those values, you can pay twice the price of one shitty beer company for another. But at least this one is proudly scared of transgender people.

“Ultra Right” is only available for online preorders right now. Weathers launched the now-viral video yesterday and claims to have already received “thousands of orders.” Here’s why those customers are pathetic…

What a grift

It’s $20 for six 12-ounce cans, and the customer is responsible for shipping costs. It would cost $16 to ship one to me in South Florida.

If you’re willing to spend $36 on a six-pack of beer simply because of marketing, you’re just dumb. Then again, these are the kind of people who still believe the 2020 election was stolen and Covid vaccines will kill you. So I’m not shocked.

This is really a great grift for Weathers. I mean, he’s a piece of shit but I kind of envy him right now. Is transphobia worth paying a premium for cheap beer? He’s going to rake in a small fortune for this stunt because he knows this base is that dumb.

At the end of the day, “Ultra Right” has a shelf life. Once all the freakshows get their beer and post photos of it online, the right-wing shitshow will move on. No one cares enough about “their values” to continue spending that kind of money on cheap beer.

I do marvel at how hypocritical this crowd of people is. They rant about freedom and “cancel culture.” But trans people feeling free to be who they are is a bridge too far. One where they can’t put their fear in words. Instead, they shoot cases of Bud Light with rifles.

Here’s a mild Xanax dose to the MAGA freaks in my state: Anheuser Busch has still donated $35,000 to anti-LGBT lawmakers. Big Beer doesn’t care about you and your values – just your money. Gay or not, it’s still green. You’re not special and your “values” have no monetary value.

Drink whatever beer you want and let people be who they are.

About Joe Pye

My name is Joe Pye. I believe in local beer and local journalism.


  • leesa says:

    Thanx so much for this. Did you look closely at their ad?

    First off – I think associating Restrooms and your Beer is a little Problematic.

    Notice in the add, the really macho MAGAt Dood says he’s “Constantly getting Hit in the Face,… by what… balls?

  • Tyler says:

    HAHAHA! If right-wingers could read, they’d be very offended by this.

  • Definitely A Woman says:

    This entire topic makes me sick. There is no “fear” as you call it. It’s simply disgust for a trendy “lifestyle”. I get being gay – you’ve been born with a predisposed preference of sexes, but the rest of the freaks are just confused because they have been raised by liberal parents that told them they can “choose” who they are. When it comes down to physical makeup – you are either male or female. Who/what you are is chosen for you at birth. Deal with it!

    • Virginia says:

      Totally agree with your statement. A person is either male or female. God was NOT confused when He made only 2 genders. A person may change their body form. However, at the end of the day, the chromosomes don’t change. No one is afraid as has been mentioned. We are just tired of having these ridiculous fads, yes fads, shoved in our faces and pranced around like circus monkeys in front of our children and grandchildren. It is finally time time that we stop sitting passively by. I have no problem with the LGBT community standing up for their rights. Just stop getting upset when I stand up for mine.

  • Les says:

    Well that just means your don’t understand science or history and have a very limited world view and are totally ok with remaining ignorant and intolerant 🙂 because science has actual answers, it’s they’re out there for you, you just choose not to read them.

  • Only2 genders says:

    No ones afraid of the Lghgtv “people”. Election was 100% stolen and COVID is literally just a runny nose. If you’re that fragile and can’t handle the sniffles then I see why you wrote this “article”. Be glad there’s laws against mirdering you “people” because the gays and lady men are the weakest groups of people in America. Otherwise you fags wouldn’t be claiming to be “murdered at higher rates than any other group of “people” “ as if you things are actually people.

  • Reality says:

    Hey Pyle we’re you born this stupid or did you have to work at it? The only good part of you must have run down your moms leg. Or maybe your second dads leg?

  • C.Klein says:

    Don’t care what your sex life is, just tired of having it thrown in our faces and being forced on our kids.

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