April 13, 2023  

Yeasty Brews to Release Collaboration Beer with Women-Focused Non Profit


From left to right: Kacie Soler and Emily McElmurry at Yeasty Brews on the Babe Brew™ golden stout brew day.

The Lauderhill brewery partnered with Beer Babes Family for a limited release.

After donating profits from four beer releases to another charity, Rachel Benkowski and Roxy Brossoit launched their own.

As two craft beer professionals, the duo realized women can use help starting and growing businesses in their industry. They founded Beer Babes Family with the mission to do just that. The nonprofit partners with breweries to make their trademarked “Babe Brew.”

A portion of profits from each batch goes toward a grant for “women who currently own, or are in the process of opening, a brewery or taproom.”

“We saw that there was nothing for women that are already in the business,” Benkowski tells Broward Beer. “If you’re a woman and need a new walk-in cooler, new faucets, a fermenter – whatever you need to improve your business, you can apply for our grant.”

This Saturday, at 1 p.m. Benkowski and Beer Babes Family co-founder Roxy Brossoit will release their 11th collaboration beer release at Yeasty Brews.

Babe Brew™ golden stout

Beer Babes Family’s founders are spread out from Arizona to Canada. The collaboration brews they’ve released have come in different recipes depending on which brewery makes a beer with their trademarked name.

Yeast Brews owner Denielle Mizrahi heard of the nonprofit through a mutual contact on social media. She looked into the mission of Beer Babes Family and felt it really aligned with her brewery.

Mizrahi settled on a golden stout recipe with chocolate and orange blossom unique to South Florida.

“I’m excited for this one,” Mizrahi says. “I like that [Beer Babes Family] donates to women in the industry and connects with all these girls around the country. It seems really inclusive. And I’m all about that.”

Babe Brew™ golden stout cans.

A “baby organization”

Beer Babes Family is in its third year. The nonprofit has collaborations planned around the country 10 months out of this year, including one at Broken Strings Brewery in Orlando next month. Its founders are hoping to raise $5,000 to grant at least one woman in the beer industry by the end of this year.

Brossoit feels the organization is picking up momentum and expects to hit its goal.

“We’re growing and evolving,” Brossoit says. “What we are now is not the same that we were last year and won’t be the same next year. We’re still a baby organization, trying to find the right spot and exactly what we want to do. For now, we’re meeting amazing people.”

Want to meet the founders of Beer Babes Family? Join them on Saturday at Yeasty Brews, located at 3944 NW 19th St, Lauderhill, FL 33311. Can’t make it? Donate to Beer Babes Family here

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