Photo courtesy of Pompano Beach Brewing Company.

February 11, 2021  

Say Goodbye to Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Company


Photo courtesy of Pompano Beach Brewing Company.

At least to the brand – not the brewery. 

Ready to blow up the banjo? Bangin’ Banjo’s owners are.

Over the past week, the company’s social media accounts have been teasing out “something new” with short videos of an anvil crushing its banjo logo or setting it on fire.

From here on, the warehouse located at 3200 NW 23rd Ave #500, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 will be known as Pompano Beach Brewing Company.

Adam Feingold, the brewery’s co-owner, said he and his business partners recently paid for a market study.

Get this: “a local name matters in craft beer,” Feingold said referencing the results.

“You don’t really think South Florida when you hear Bangin’ Banjo,” Feingold told Broward Beer. “As much as I always loved the name, some of my other partners never really loved it. As a team we figured if we’re going to make a change, COVID – for lack of better words – gave us an opportunity to look at everything.”

More than a name change

The name and labels will change on new cans going into distribution at retail stores starting with two flagship beers: the “Moodoo Voodoo” milk stout and “O.J. Session” IPA session, which will be renamed “South Light.”

Feingold said the Pompano Beach Brewing Company is going to focus more on getting the product out in retail stores, but a timeline isn’t yet clear.

The brewery recently purchased a Wild Goose canning line to fill and package 12 to 16-ounce cans. To meet higher demand, they also hired a brewer formerly of Flagler Village Brewery.

As of today, the goal is to have the taproom fully transitioned by Memorial Day. But that’s a tentative date.

“We want to make some waves in distribution first,” Feingold said. “Then get to those final tweaks before we unleash the rebrand in the taproom.”

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